Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Vol 33

Book 4 of 52.
This could have been book 5, but I was waiting to see if my second book was going to arrive in the mail today.
I didn't.
So I saved the original book 4, so I can read it on the bus to New York tomorrow.

I'd give it 2 of of 5.
While Taylor and Dominic had passionate hot sex throughout the whole damn book, that was pretty much it.
No real story.
Dominic had a beef with his French grandfather because his grandfather disowned his dad when he decided to marry his African-American mother.
But even that issue took book seat.
So, it rates a 2.
I managed to finish it.
I guess in a way, that makes it entertaining, although I skipped most of it....

Anyway, I'll read Never Say Never tomorrow on the bus.
I'm such a slow reader.
For the three hours I'll be on the bus, I'll make it too page 100, if I don't skip anything.

Tousan, Kaasan. Hisashiburi!