Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Vol 35

As I said before, I went to New York this past weekend.
I got to hang out with my lovely okaasan, Roxana, whom I haven't saw since I left Japan December 22nd 2008.
Such a long time ago.
My darling otousan, Chloe, was also there.
I finally got my TVXQ Yoochun uchiwa she bought for me last summer, but she didn't have my meiji chocolates. (Which I will order offline now)
I met Didi as well. She came to Japan after I left.
She was nice and fun to play with.

Some things we did were; ate Indian food, ice skating, ate Korean food, went to see Sherlock Holmes, ate Chinese food, Karaoke (twice), ate some more, went to the book store.
It was more fun then I make it sound.
It was a very chill weekend.
But I left a few hours early.
I'm a city girl, but New York is not for me.
I was ready to get back to the mean-streets-of-Baltimore.

I also read Never Say Never, but I didn't find it to interesting.
I pretty much skimmed through it.
I don't think I was in the mood to read while I was on the bus.
Or maybe, it just wasn't an interesting book.
I've come to realize that most of these black/white couple books are very similar in plot.