Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Vol 32


本の名前はFixin' Tyrone.


It's only January 5th and I already completed 3 out of 52 books.
I only started 3 days ago.
I'm pleased.
I have to read now before school starts up.
Then I won't have time to read anything until June.
Today I read Fixin' Tyrone by Keith Walker.
It was about this woman, Mia, who had two children with two different dads, and she was very high class.
She had a nice house, nice care, nice career, and made a lot of money.
Then Tyrone was released for jail and he wanted to rebuild their relationship that died before his 9 year old son, Mia's son, was even born.
At first Mia had no intentions of hooking up, shacking up, or even meeting up with the thug, ex-convict.
But Tyrone was willing to do anything to be with Mia, even lie, until she found out about him still selling drugs, and he almosted ruined everything.
Mia gave him two options: Stop selling and do something productive with your life or get out of my life.
Let's just say that by the end, Tyrone was a very very good certified machanic, with an AA in Business, and 3 auto-shops in the city.
What ever secret Mia had on changing a thug to a 6 figure entrepreneur, her hair salon girl friends wanted to know.
Overall I'd rather the book ☆☆☆ out of 5.
It didn't have very much action.
I'm just glad no one was killed like in all the other thug and drug books I read back when I shouldn't have been reading them.
Maybe that's why I love stories with HEA!
P.S このブックカバーは本当に好きじゃない。
P.S.S: I got another book in the mail.
Michele Cameron's Never say Never
Another Romance novel.
I swear...I'll move to a different genre someday.
Next month.
I am getting sick of HEA.