Friday, February 5, 2010

Vol 37

I'm a true-blue scout.
I bring to you book number eleven, Archangel's Kiss, by that ever so mean author who I adore, Nalini Singh.
I think I mentioned the first book before in a previous post.
I honestly can't remember the name of it right now, but I read it when we were first hit with that snow storm in December.
(Unlucky me. There's another snow storm happening as I type this.)

Well in this book, Ellie has awaken, and she posses angel wings now, having been turned into by Raphael.
There were two many points to this story.
One: To train, Ellie, and make her strong enough, and to teach her how to fly, before she attends Lijuan's ball.
Lijuan is an Archangel who has evolved so much she's neither apart of this world or not apart of it.
She has the ability to raise the death, and she builds an army.
At the ball, she brings out one of the dead she resurrected.
It happened to be the vampire who killed Ellie's two older sisters, and caused her mother to commit suicide.
Ellie cuts his head off immediately.
Although Lijuan was suppose to be the villian in this story, she wasn't.
Not really.
She never gave me the bad guy feeling in the first book, so I couldn't dislike her.
Now Micheala.
Someone needs to kill her.

Two: To stop whoever it is that's going around killing (supposedly) immortals as an act of becoming the next Archangel, with the threat of making Ellie the final kill.
The highlights for this story would be Illium, (a.k.a Bluebell), Jason, and Galen.
Illium might be signing his death slips, if he keeps up his flirtatious behavior with Ellie.
But you gotta love him.
Jason doesn't have a big part much, but I really want to know what's the story behind the guy with the brown skin and half tattooed face.
Galen started to train, Ellie after Demitri went back to New York.
He made his dislike for her very known.
He had no problem working her to the bone, or feather.
I wish there was more Sara in this story.
And Deacon.

I read this book last night.
It only cost 99cent to download the kindle version.

Andi (Andrea) and Devin met at a party one night.
They couldn't be further apart from each other.
Andi being a self-conscious, 35 year old virgin, English Professor, who was currently writing a textbook, and just called off her engagement about a year ago.
And Devin, being an escort whom all the professors at the school use.

Andi and Devin made an arrangement.
He would teach her how to please a guy.
She would teach him how to write.
Devin had no interest in writing, but I don't think it would have taken much for Andi to convince him to go along with this idea.
His first rule was, "Do NOT fall in love with me."

Of course she did.
That was no big surprise.
But the surprise was more that he was the one who kept inviting her on dates. despite the "no socializing outside of our teaching sessions" rule he instated.
His teaching was very good.
Andi became confident.
Confident enough to start dating Sam.

She had a long distance relationship with Sam for months.
When she finally told Devin about it, after all their sorta-kinda-dating-but-not-really-dating period.
She told him a month before she was to move out of New York to Mass. where she would become the Director of an English department at some university.
(Sam also lived in Mass. But that didn't matter, because even if she didn't get the job, Sam was ready to give up everything and move to New York for her. He was charming)
Andi and Devin got into an argument the day she was moving, and he confessed his love.
He asked her not to go, but she left anyway.

But no matter how charming Sam was, Devin was so much better.
This story was very realistic.
It wasn't that cheesy happily ever after I'm use to reading.
Devin and Andi did NOT end up together.
Andi loved Devin, but she also loved Sam, and she choose Sam.
Devin and Andi reunited 16 months later in Mass. where Devin co-owns and Art Gallery.
Andi is now engaged to Sam.
The book ends with Devin asking Andi, how's the sex with Sam, to which she replies, "Fucking Fabulous".

I LOVED this book.
Both characters were likeable, and the story was realistic.
No cop out ending with the characters breaking everyone's hearts to be together.
Maybe that's why it stuck with me.
There's a part 2.
6 years later, Sam dies, leaving Andi a widower.
She runs into Devin again, but no one is good enough for her.
Sam was perfect.
Sam was the best.
And she knows that Devin is still in love with her.
So she goes to him just because "he's alive."

I didn't read book 2, and I don't think I will.
I can't sit there and watch Devin being walked over.
He was such an awesome character, and honestly, he wasn't given a fair chance in the first book.
But I still love this story.


I started this book earlier today, and I just finished an hour ago.
Set in the year 1899.
This is one of the youngest stories I've read.
The characters are about 18-19 years old.
Todd loved Ann.
Ann loved Kent.
Kent broke off his engagement with Ann to get engaged with Rebecca.

Todd, decided he wasn't going to take over his father's bank, and he was going to move to North Dakota to become a farmer.
He was going to leave the day after graduation, despite his father threatening to disown him.

At a school dance, where Todd and Ann went together because of their parents pestering, Ann asked Todd to marry her and take her with him.
Todd says no at first, but when Ann says that she'll just runaway anyway, he agreed.
He knew Ann didn't love him.
That she loved Kent.
Ann said that she could learn to love him.
But instead of waiting a week for graduation, Ann convinced Todd to leave that night.
They snuck from the dance, packed their stuff, loaded it into a wagon, and left.

They went to Jamestown, North Dakota, where Todd had purchased a farm.
They didn't interact to well at first, because Ann didn't see him in a romantic way.
She didn't see him as a man.
He was just her best friend's brother.
A classmate.
So they shared separate rooms.

Todd valued Ann.
And Ann started to appreciate everything he did for her.
She grew up with servants, but she loved learning to cook, with the help of her neighbor/mentor Barbara.
She would make new meals for Todd to try.
When she thought that Todd was going to financial trouble, she secretly started working at a store.
She would help the store keeper in exchange for free groceries.
That way the cut their food budget.
Ann really did appreciate Todd.
She called him the best husband.
She did eventually fall in love with Todd.

Guess who shows up a few months later?
Agnus is Todd's sister, and Ann's best friend.
She's about 16-17.
She sneaks out of Virgina, telling her parents she was going to a retreat in New England, but instead comes to North Dakota.
She tells Ann that Kent left Rebecca, and has been asking about her.

But before Agnus can get too comfortable. guess who shows up?
Todd's parents.
The dad drags Agnus away.
He tell Todd that if he comes back now, he'll forgive him and give him his position back at the bank.
Todd HATES the bank.

Then guess who showed up the next day?
That's right, Kent!
Kent tries to force Ann back.
She pushes him away but he forces a kiss, that Todd happens to walk in on at the wrong time.
He rushed out, Ann followed by Todd wouldn't listen.

Then guess who else shows up that same day?
Ann's parents.
They were so cool and supportive.
When Ann was first dating Kent, they tried to get her to notice Todd.
They didn't like Kent very much at all.
But by time they arrived, the damage Kent has caused was underway, and Kent had already head back to Virgina.

After talking to Ann's dad, Todd decided to her Ann out, and he believed her story.
The town gossip, who witness the whole Kent/Ann thing showed up two days later to tell Todd that Kent was very aggressive, and Ann was trying to get away from him

Some time later, after Ann and Todd finally consummate their marriage, Ann ends up pregnant.
While Todd is out scouting his land, Kent shows up.
Ann hides as Kent breaks into the house.
She manages to get to the barn, but the gun is missing.
Just when all hope is lost, Todd comes riding in and shoots his shotgun, scaring the horse shit out of Kent.
Then guess who showed up at that moment?
Kent's dad.
He made Kent leave, and told Todd and Ann that he was sending Kent to Ireland to live with his very strict uncle.

Ann starts to have this Kent nightmares, that she gets over once she learns how to shoot the shotgun, vowing to kill him if he ever came after her again.
They have the baby, a boy, in December.
Ann's parents move to Jamestown.
Todd's parents shows up on Christmas.
His dad asked if all could be forgiven and they can start again.
All is forgiven.

I liked the whole concept of the story, and it didn't even phase me that the setting was old.
I liked it.

The next book I will read is my Biology textbook, followed by my Pre-calc book, and my Linguistic book, wrapping it up with some Chinese assignments.
I have a lot of assignments to complete this weekend.