Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vol 39

The snow was a series issue this month.
But because of that snowpocalypse, I was about to read, not one, but FOUR book.
My tía, Jime, told me about the Mercy Thompson series.
So trusting my tía, and knowing she wouldn't recommend something that was an utter failure, I read the series.

I am NOT big on the whole Vampire and Werewolf thing.
I think it's played out.
Over used.
Washed up.
A has been.
End of story.

So I had no hopes at all for this series.
Not a one.
Jime never has never failed me.
I actually LIKED this series.

The story is about Mercedes Thomspon, who is a shape-shifter.
She shifts into a coyote.
Mercedes lives next door to the local wolf pack alpha, Adam.
The story focus on the Mercy's life as she deals with werewolves, a scooby doo loving Vamipre, Stephan, and the fae.
Mercy had a average life, as average as a female mechanic can have, but when she gets involved in one little incident, her life changes and she has to fight to live.

Seriously, Stephan and the Scooby Doo thing is hilarious.
He had Mercy turn his van into an exact replica of the mystery machine.
She even gave him a life size scooby-doo plush for him to sit in the front seat.

My overall favorite character is Wolfe.
Wolfe is a little blond teenage looking vampire.
But he's so strange.
And he just gets more strange.
I love how he nods his head to the beat of Mercy's heart whenever she's around, and how he cools out "Truth" with so many different tones.
I wonder if he's really a bad guy, or if his weirdness is just that.

The picture above is a merged image of the 4 books that are currently out.
The 5th books comes out next month.