Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Vol 41

Oh ah oh ah ah oh ah!

Yet another series suggested by my lovely tía, Jime.
And yet another vampire series.
My tía is obsessed with vampires, just a little bit.

This is the Young Brothers Series.
The book covers are in order.

The Young Brothers are 3 brothers, who are all vampires.
Each brother has a respective book.
My favorite by far is the youngest brothers' book.
Sebastian's book. I Only Have Fangs For You

Sebastian is such a playboy.
Christian (2nd brother) is such a bad ass.
Rhys (oldest brother) is exactly opposite from both Sebastian and Christian.
But despite their differences, these brothers car a lot about each other.
And it's fun to watch Sebastian ridicule them all.

They have a sister who they thought died many many many decades ago.
But in fact, she didn't.
And she also thought that they died many many many decades ago.
They all reunited after Sebastian found his mate, who happened to be his long lost sister's roommate.

Elizabeth is not a vampire like her three older brothers.
She is a werewolf.
And a not-promiscuous-but-damn-might-as-well-have-been-with-that-move-you-just-pulled werewolf.

I was happy the family reunited.

Oh...I should mention that for a brief moment, Sebastian is also a scooby-doo fanatic.
What is with vampires and scooby-doo?
I don't intend to read enough vampire series to find out.
The whole blood sucking thing rubs me the wrong way.
Thankfully, not that much blood sucking going on.

The titles are hilarious.

P.S: I didn't read Fangs for the Memories yet.
Jime gave me the book list out of order.

So my count is now: 23/52