Saturday, February 20, 2010

Vol 40

Add three more to that list of four!

Alpha and Omega is a spin-off to the Mercy Thompson series.
Alpha and Omega is about Anna, the omega werewolf, and Charles, a special Alpha.

I can't remember the book order.
I think On the Prowl is the novella story.
The start.

Anna is a forced change werewolf, who is an omgea.
Omega are extremely, very, rare.
They exist outside pack structure.
They don't have to follow orders, because orders/commands don't work on them.
They can bring peace anywhere they go.
Omega's are to be treated as a prize possession.
The greatest gift.
And Anna was treated as anything other.

Charles is the second son of the over all top werewolf alpha, Bram.
He was sent to...Chicago to handle a situation there after Anna has called Bram to inform him of her local packs...operation.

Charles immediately knew that Anna was his mate, and would kill anyone who dared to harm her.
Charles, like Mercy, is half Native American.
Once upon a time, the Native American's possess their own branch of magic.
Magic that made them immune to most of the European magic.

This series is more mild compared to Mercy's life, but I would LOVE to see the two stories meet.
It's not hard.
Mercy was raised in Brams pack, although she is a coyote.
She dated Bram's oldest son, Charles's brother, Sam for a while.
All the characters know each other.
I just want to see when they all meet.
At least mention them in the other's story.
I hope in book 5, Sam tells Mercy that Charles as mated.
Just for a cross reference.

So what does this make my book count: 20/52
I think I'm doing well.