Monday, October 27, 2008

Vol 11

This pass week has been crazy with test.
And the next few weeks looks as if its only going to get worst.
That sucks.
I’ve actually been meaning to update for some time now, but I just don’t feel like it.
My attention span doesn’t last long enough for me to update regularly.
My school BBQ is on Friday.
Halloween Party is on…Friday….Saturday….Thursday?
One of those days.
But I’m not to sure if I’m going to go to that.
And my concert is on Saturday.
So I’ll be died tried again this weekend.

I went out to eat Thursday with some classmates.
We went to the burger place.
The food was okay but the conversation was better.
Talking about Halloween costumes has never been so funny.
From what we talked about:
Lena= Ganguro
Tone= Hard Gay…maybe?…Coming soon
Yong=Ballerina with the swam tutu
Jungeun unni= Not sure yet
Un Nyun= Cow (a.k.a GyuuNyuu)

미안합니다 Un Hyun if I’m spelling your name wrong.
That’s why it’s so much easier for me to call you GyuuNyuu

GyuuNyuu is Japanese for Milk.
I couldn’t think of the word for cow, so I end up calling him GyuuNyuu.

On Friday I went out with my classmates, again.
This time we went to eat at this really fast paced diner.
Then we went to Roppongi.
We should have waited before going to Roppongi.
When we got there it was around 7pm.
The place that Steve was going to take us to was having a private party, so we couldn’t go there until 12:30am.
Instead, we went to the restaurant to wait from Roxana and Chole.
We only ordered something to drink, but it was so expensive.
A soda was $5.
Coffee was $6, and the size of the coffee cup was like the size of my thumb.
Since sitting in there was costing to much, we decided to go wait for Roxana and Chole else where.
We went to this place called Gaspanic,
It’s this bar/club place.
Really small, but nothing in Tokyo is big.
It didn’t have a cover charge, but in order to stay in there you had to buy something to drink.
That’s kind of difficult to do when you don’t drink Alcohol.
The only thing I could drink was Soda, but water cost more than Soda.
And I don’t like soda either.
And it’s not like you can buy something once and that’s the end.
They have guys walking around with a drink menu, and if these guys see that you haven’t had anything for a while, they come over to you and make you order something.
So I spent $20 in Roppongi in 2 hours on just Soda.
Alcohol was cheaper than Soda.
Makes me think that my wallet would be happier if I started drinking.

Another thing I don’t like is clubs.
So I didn’t really want to go but I did.
And I had fun.
Japanese clubs are better than American clubs.
They even play better music.
And I’ll tell you this, they didn’t play a single Japanese song.
Everything was English.
Rap/Hip Hop/R&B.
Everything we listen to in Baltimore, they were playing
I almost died when the entire club started to do the Soulja Boy dance when that song game on.
I mean died in a bad way.
I hate Soulja Boy.
Japanese DJ’s kick @$$.
But AJ…wow!!!!
This guy and his dancing…
WOW!!!I mean wow in a bad way.
Not that it was bad, but it wasn’t good.
Jessica was grateful that he was there, since he too dances like a white girl.
But the weird thing was that people were copying him.
Lester…WOW!!!I had no clue this boy could break dance.
He might be bad in Japanese but he’s shockingly good at dance.
Roxana…I’m not even going to talk about her.
She knows what I want to say.
What we all want to say.
Un Nyun (a.k.a GyuuNyuu a.k.a Soju Oppa) this guy has no rhythm but it was really fun trying to teach him how to dance.
But he suddenly burst out with the “Tell Me” dance.
That was one of the high lights of the night.

We left GasPanic around 2am, and went across to the Bar place that Steve originally wanted to take us too.
It’s a Mexican bar, ran by Japanese of course.
They have the best buffalo wings ever.
They can rival that of Hooters wings.
And the Nachos were okay.
No great, but okay.
I make better Nachos with cheese dorito’s and chili.
Just ask anyone from my previous job.

The bar had darts so I played that with Steve and Jungeun Unni.
Steve is good, but I sucked.
Jungeun wasn’t so bad either but still not good.
We left that bar around 3:30am.
But since the trains had stopped running at 12am, we were stuck in Roppongi until 5am.
So we went to McDonalds until then.
I’ve never sat in McDonalds overnight before.
And I don’t have intentions of doing that again.
Those stool things hurt.

I finally got home around 6am.
I took a shower and ate breakfast before going to bed.
But I woke up around 11am because I had to meet Jo in Harajuku at 2pm.
We had plans to go Idol shopping.
Japan has tons of stores that sell nothing but pictures and posters of famous young actors/singer.
Harajuku alone has about 8 shops.
It took about 3 hours to get through all 8.
And Lena, Jo, and I took Purikura.
Super cool Purikura.
I got to hang upside down like a monkey.

But, I went home early because I wanted dinner and my little idol buddy Miura Haruma’s drama was coming on.

I didn’t do anything on Sunday.
Still tired from Friday and Saturday.

But while I was talking to one of the Unni’s we found out that we have a lot of the same interest when it comes to music, actors, and shows.

That’s pretty much it.
I should be studying Kanji right now.
Actually…I should be sleep.

Happy Birthday Deja.
Happy Birthday Sakura.
And Thanks parents.
By the way, the picture above cracks me up.
Look at the bartender sneaking in.
And I stole this picture from Tone.


Kathy said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! Don't party too much! You need to study more. LOL!

Cherry said...

I study a lot and I barely party.
But I realized that partying is actually a good way to study, because you can talk to random people a lot, and that's a way to increase my speaking level *Which is currently low*.

Cherry said...

See. They're even partying now but I'm home.
*Because I will be out all day tomorrow*