Friday, October 3, 2008

Vol 5

Im in Tokyo now.
I arrived at 3:30pm, instead of 4:30 like I was suppose to.
Currently I dont have a cellphone and my internet probably wont be connected until I move in with my Host family on Sunday.
Im using the computer at my hotel, but its really weird.
It doesn't have all the keys I need.
When my internet is up and running I'll post more about what Tokyo is like.
But this really is a city that doesn't sleep.
It's 12am and I just got back to my hotel after going out with my friends, but there are still so many people running out and about.


Cheryl said...

Hi Daughter,

I am so glad you finally arrived. I was really worried when I had not heard from you this morning. Have fun and enjoy.

shama said...

ur making me ssooo jealous right now >_>.

did u spot any bishies yet?
and why r u staying at a hotel? shudnt u have moved in with ur host family as soon as u got there? they shud have picked u up at the airport.
speaking of which, how did u get from the airport to the hotel? did u take a taxi? do u flag it down like u do in the USA? or do they have another way?
and wuts the most surprising thing about tokyo? hows the language barrier?

shama said...

and hows their internet speed? wuts the technology there like? wut new technology did u see there? and does the staff at ur hotel speak english? and where did u and ur friends go out to? wuts the first food u tried?
..k i shud stop here and let u answer those first.

Allison said...

Hey Cherry,
Just a note to say Hi and let you know I will be keeping an eye on u 2 LOL hope you are having fun and be safe. Speak with you soon