Sunday, October 19, 2008

Vol 9

I figured it’s about time for me to update.
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I bet only one person can read that.
No! I KNOW only one person can read that.

Since classes are in full swing now, I’ve been busy with homework and things like that.
I think I mentioned before that classes don’t let out until 4:45pm.
And by that time it’s dark.
Some of the students will go out to eat after that, but I normally go home.
So Mon-Thurs is pretty much the same routine.
Wake up-Breakfast-School-Home- Dinner-Homework-*repeat*
Although my other classes have started.
The American students are required to take an extra class as well as the culture class.
We have a choice in what extra class we wish to take.
I’m taking the Beginners Conversation class.
There’s probably about 50 students in there.
Americans, Chinese, and Koreans all can take this class.
In the first class we had to walk about an introduce ourselves, say our hobbies, goal, likes and dislikes, and ask someone these questions.
But this class is only 45 minutes, once a week.

I went out with some Korean classmates on Friday after class.
Not my classmates but my friends’ classmates.
I went with Lena, Jo, and Tone.
We were the only Americans.
There was 2 Korean girls, and 5 Korean guys.
Mike joined as later, so that made 5 Americans.
They took us to little Korea town.
We ate at this place where you pay $30 and its all you can eat and drink for 2 hours.
And $15 for all you can eat, if you don’t drink alcohol, for 2 hours.
The food was good, and the people I was with were entertaining.
Especially Yong-oppa.
That guy is just crazy, but in a good way.
He’s 27 but doesn’t look his age at all.
And Jun-oppa speaks really good English.
Overall, they were really nice.
Only Jun, Jo, and I didn’t drink.
Jo didn’t feel to well so she didn’t want to drink, and Jun and I never drink.
I did take a sip of whatever Lena was drinking.
Actually half a sip.
1/16 of a sip.
And I felt sick after I took that sip.
I don’t think my body can metabolize alcohol.
So…won’t be taking anymore 1/16 of a sip of anything else.
I really felt bad after that sip, so I left after we finished eating.
I planned on going home but I walked around for a while and ended up in Kabukicho.
The infamous place my advisor said not to go to.
I went home around 11pm, and Lena sent me a message saying they went karaoke-ing after I left.

Saturday was Culture Class.
Oh My Gosh!
That was so boring.
I think I slept the entire 3 hours of the class.
And if I wasn’t sleep, I was looking at Chole draw.
I don’t even want to think about that class.
After the class was over we had a 50 minute break before we had to go to the museum.
We caught the train to the Edo Tokyo Museum.
A little fact about me you should know:
I have absolutely no interest what so ever in Art.
*Don’t kill me Jime*
Unless you consider architecture art, I had no interest in that museum.
The only thing I found interesting were those little model villages.
And, that’s only because I study Carpentry and Architecture for 4 years in High school.
So I left out the museum and Meaghan and I went to go eat.

After the museum I went to Shibuya with some classmates.
We wanted to go karaoke-ing.
We went to some Karaoke place both Jo and Lena knew about.
That was an ordeal.
I will never go Karaoke-ing with Anthony again.
That guy is just too funny.
But we sang a variety of songs.
Most were English, but Lena and I tried our hand was Korean song Ice Cream by MC Mong.
Jo, Lena, and I sang some Japanese songs as well.
But Anthony and Tone can seriously make a living as professional Karaoke-ers.
We were there for about 3 hours and our bill came up to $300.
I tried some hard not to spend a lot of money this weekend but Tokyo is raping my wallet.
When we divided the bill by who ordered what, I only had to pay $27.
I’m the smart one.
I didn’t order anything because the mandatory drink you have to buy.
And that was some orange juice thing that I didn’t even drink.
We took Purikura after that, and then went home around 10:30pm.

Today I didn’t do anything.
I set in my room and watching TV all day.
I did my homework on Friday and Saturday during that boring Culture class, so I had nothing to do today.
My other host sister, Machiko, and her husband, Ken, came over for lunch.
For some reason I can understand Machiko’s Japanese more than I can understand Sachiko’s.
Maybe because Machiko and I were mainly talking about people and shows, whereas Sachiko and I would talk about a lot of stuff.
Machiko is a Will Smith Fan, and she asked me to recommend some America movies to her….
So….someone should recommend some movies so I can tell her.
Ken was rather shy/quiet.
I guess his not knowing English kind of made him less talkative.
But it’s okay, because when he did talk it was mainly about how cool my hair is.
The Japanese and their Fascination with my braids.
They should go to Shibuya and check out the guys who are darker than me and have their hair like mine as well. *check my pictures*

On the other hand…
I was almost ran over by 4 bikes in 15 seconds on Friday.
Seriously, riding bikes on the side walk should be illegal.
And having toddlers on both the front and back should be illegal, but it’s not.
The bikes are actually made with seats on the front and back for toddlers.
Because of Japanese and it’s high prices, I’ve decided to put myself on a limit.
No more than $40 a week, and that includes when I go out on the weekend.

Big Bang is having a free performance on the 22nd, but I have class.
But my concert is only 12 days away, and I’m not going to class on that day.
I don’t even want to take a tour of Tokyo.
I’ve already been to the places I wanted to see.
We have our school event on the 31st, which is a BBQ and its at Odaiba.
So we can BBQ on the beach and play in the arcades with our costumes on.
And Odaiba is so close to me, about 7 minutes by car.
I’ve only been here for about 2 weeks, and yet I’ve already took over 1000 pictures.

I have nothing else to post about, so when something interesting happens I’ll post again.



trice633 said...

LOL, excellent update. Cracked up with that "American movies" thing. XD
I would say: The Truman Show & Matchpoint for example. (No Will Smith though 8D)
Oh boy, I haven't been watching stuff lately.

Keep it up :D
I'll be checking your photobucket later :)