Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Vol 4



"Goodbyes" and "So longs" are rather sappy, and they annoy the crap out

of me.

Just a little something I though you should know.

Actually, I hate when people create "See you later" post as well, but

here I am doing one.

My flight leaves tomorrow at 9:20am and I should arrive in Tokyo at

4:20pm FRIDAY.

So it'll be 3:20am for you east coast folks.

I'll update once I arrive and get my internet set up.



Remind me to shoot AT&T when I return.

Those little swindlers.

I'm going to tell くろさき on them, if I see him in Japan.

The picture above is one I took on my cellphone while walking on

the skywalk at the Inner Harbor.

I don't know what's up with this font. -_-


shama said...

have a great trip.
keep in touch.
don't forget to send us messages.
we'll miss u, not sure if u'll miss us, but try at least.
remember us.
*tearful goodbye* HUGS*

..did that annoy u enough? xD

shama said...

and nice pic , gorgeous view, and that building in the far back looks like the empire state building .xD for a second i thought u were in ny.