Monday, October 13, 2008

Vol 8

Happy Sports Day!

Today is a National Holiday in Japan.
Sports Day!
What exactly is this sports day you ask?
I have no idea.
But I do know that I love this day because of NO SCHOOL!

I’ve been pretty busy/entertained this pass weekend.
On Friday I went out with some of the Americans and the Korean girl Ju Hyun to Shibuya.
It was Ju Hyun’s birthday I told her to tag along with us.
We decided to eat dinner somewhere in Shibuya.
At first this was going to be a thing with only 4 of us at the most, but somehow it ended with 10 of us.
We went to some cozy restaurant.
The food was really good, but it was the biggest rip-off ever.
Our bill was 40 dollars more.
Because of some little small tiny 4oz dish thing they gave us when we first sat down.
It’s not like we asked for it, nor did we even eat it.
They gave one to each of us, and it turns out that that dish cost $4 a piece.
And I didn’t even get full.
But Shibuya is a really pretty place nonetheless.

Oh, but early Friday afternoon I went out to eat with some of the Americans and this Korean guy.
I don’t know what I ate but the Korean guy recommended it, so I tried it.
It was おいしい (delicious).

On Saturday I went out with my host family.
I got to meet the oldest daughter, Sachiko, and her son, Kou-chan.
At first Kou-chan was really shy.
He walked around with his hands over his face for the first two hours.
We went to this really huge fish market somewhere in Ginza.
One of the fish people even gave me free fish.
Sometimes it pays to be a foreigner.
There was a food festival going on in that area, so we got to try all this fresh fresh fresh food.
I never had blowfish before, but I think I’ll eat it again before I leave.
After the food festival we went to Sachiko’s house.
She lives in a 35-story apartment building in Toyosu.
Man, she has the best view ever.
But I don’t have pictures of the view, because I had left my camera in the car.

I went out with Lena on Sunday.
We went to Tokyo Tower.
The view there is so cool.
We were so high up you can see the surrounding cities for miles.
And there were a ton of foreigners there.
Lena and I met up with Jo and Sumiko (two other American girls) in Harajuku around 1:30pm.
That was a mistake because I end up shopping.
Harajuku has some of the best stores ever.
This spot is probably my favorite spot, and I would like it more if it wasn’t so crowded.
I bought a Jumper (I always loved Jumpers), a jacket, shirt/dress thing, and this other really cute dress.
I don’t even like dresses, so I wonder how many times I’ll wear it.
I decided to leave at 5:30pm so we took Purikura before then.
Purikura is a photo booth that you can took pictures in and then doodle on the pictures.
The picture in the post below is an example of Purikura.

Since my host mom is away, it’s just me and my host dad.
My host mom went to the hot springs.
Yeah…..thanks for not taking me……-_-
Today I went out with my host dad, Sachiko, Kou-chan, and Sachiko’s husband.
We went to Okachimachi, which I suppose to be little Korean town, or something like that.
But that place is really cheap.
Sachiko loves window shopping, so we walked around Okachimachi and looked at a ton of different things.
Then we all went to this Korean place to eat lunch.
I don’t think Sachiko’s husband can eat spicy food, because he was like….sweating while eating.
And not because of the weather.
But I didn’t like the place we ate because you ate to sit on the floor.
The food was good, but the floor thing….だめ (bad).
We dropped Sachiko and her family off after that before going to Odaiba,

Odaiba is like the Ocean city of Japan, but not as big.
Odaiba is really pretty and fun.
Everyone who knows me know that I am a boy.
I am not a girl.
I don’t like dresses/skirts, make-up, heels, or getting my all done all curly and stuff.
I prefer Jeans, T-shirts, and tennis.
I’ll wear my hair in braids 12 months out of a year.
So like a boy I LOVE THE ARCADES.
Odaiba has some of the best arcades I’ve saw in Tokyo.
HUGE arcades.
I’m like a kid in a candy shop when I go to Arcades.
Or like a fat kid in a video game shop.
But since I was with my host dad, I didn’t play many games.
Only the basketball game.
I scored 68 points in 1 minute.
I'll go back to it soon, because I have to show Jo has to get to Zepp Tokyo.
Then I can really play.
But Odaiba has a great view even if you are on ground level.
You can also see the famous Rainbow bride at the beach.

There’s nothing more I want to say, so I’ll go finish watching my drama now.


Anonymous said...

The day you bought a cute dress, you became a girl. xD
Boy, sports-day?? Oo They're already so athletic for not having elevators or whatever in their subways.
(Belgium is a lazy country for not having a sports-day... not that I know of at least)

Is Ōkubo and Okachimachi the same? I heard Ōkubo was a the best know Korean district in Shinjuku. Oô (Nvm, I'll look it up 8D)

Cherry said...

IDK. My host sister took me to Okachimachi.