Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Vol 10

I’m pretty sure everyone has heard that Japan has small portions when it comes to food.
That’s pretty much true, but there’s a catch.
Although they eat small portions, they eat a lot.
For example, today for dinner I ate Chinese pork, sashimi, bacon soup, pumpkin, rice, dumplings, and lettuce.
For desert I ate apple pie, peach Jell-o, and an orange.
In my room I have chocolates and pastries that my host family tried to make me eat.
And when I say that it’s too much they say,“You’re so slim. You should eat more.”

On the other hand, I checked out the gas station that’s down the street.
Actually, I walked passed it on the way to the store, and I saw the price of gas.
150 yen for regular.
That’s $1.50 in American dollars.
So cheap!!

Lately I’ve been saying that Japan has America beat in many areas, but I never thought that they would surpass America in this area.
Convenient stores.
There’s a saying that for every 12 people in Tokyo, Japan has a Kobini (Japanese way to say convenient store).
There’s about 4 within a 3 block radius of my school.
Probably more, but I won’t know unless I walk down those side streets.

Big Bang is performing in Ikebukuro tomorrow.
I should go after school home is about 550 kb/s.
I always though that to be fast until just now.
I just looked at my computer downlod speed and it's over 1100kb/s.
This would be the perfect time to have my external hard drive so I can get everything.

Japan has crazy fast internet service.
My download speed at

Oh yeah!
I saw something interesting on Monday.
While walking through the train station I saw this guy try to pick pocket this lady and run.
But he was chased down by some of the other bystanders and was caught.
It was interesting, but I kept walking since I’m not THAT nosey.

Shiawase no Kinyoubi......
I'm not sure if that is even grammatically correct, but who cares.
We're level one.