Monday, April 26, 2010

Vol 51

I was asked a simple question: Why do I buy my books and not borrow them from the library?

I gave a simple answer: Library's disgust me.

They really do! Do you have any idea how many people borrowed that book before you? NO! And if you look at some of the conditions those books be in, and all the crap on the pages: grease stains, food spills, BOOGERS!
I do borrow some books occasionally.
There are four books in this picture that are from the library. (Middle shelf, top four books laying flat)
And all the books on top (Brenda Jackson's Westmoreland series) are borrowed from a coworker (she introduced me to that ever so loved Psy-Changeling series), but I often switch books with this coworker. Besides a bigillion folded corners, her books are always in great condition. CLEAN condition.

Anyway, I'll try to list some of the other books I read recently.
Some titles I forgot, and my coworker currently has them. She borrows from me, sometimes.

1. Oak Bluffs by Joan Early (3 out of 5 stars. The mother was annoying, good thing she wasn't around often, and hated how mother Pearl just died like that. But it was well written)

2. I'm your Girl by J.J Murray (5 out of 5. Now the mother is this was really hypocritical. Couldn' stand her. It was a interracial couple book. Dear gods, how I felt so bad for Jack. And this book was written by a white man. Never thought I'd see the day where I'd read a book about a Black women and white men, written by a white man. 本当にすごい!今年の一番好きな本!ハハハ!日本語覚えているよ!久しぶりだね!!!)

*I'm going to skip three books because I forgot the names and I my coworker has them*

3. The Darkest Angel/Night/Kiss (This is a novella and the first two books of Gena Showalter's 'Lords of the Underworld' series. It would have been pointless to write out the title of all three books separately when the only world to change for each book title is the last world. I'll give this one a 3 out of 5, but note that I've only read three parts too it. I have the next two book **the two in the picture, first shelf** and another books comes out in May. I'm not a religious person at all but I've always found Greek and Roman mythology fascinating ***I even wrote a fiction that involved my own fictional Greek and Roman characters***, so when I read this book and saw how it's kind of a spin-off about the Greeks, not so much about the Gods themselves, but about their warriors, found myself enthralled. I'll only give it three stars because not finished and some parts are rather tedious, like book two (Kiss), Lacien continued to push Anya away although she all but literally handed herself to him on a platter. It was annoying. 230 pages before he acted. Foolish man!)

4. A Little Dare by Brenda Jackson (3 out of 5. A lot better than that last Brenda Jackson book. I was afraid to read this, but it was in another book I borrowed that had a Rochelle Alers story. LOVED THIS, but not enough to give it 5 stars. Loved it because his name was Dare. Loved it because unlike the other book I read, this one had a plot. Loved it because Shelly was a lovely woman. Loved it because Little Dare was exactly like I would picture a 10 year old. And sorry, Anyone series that has leads with names like Dare, Thorn, Stone, Storm and Chase (last two are twins) deserves some loving.)

5. Stone Cold Surrender by Brenda Jackson (Currently reading it so no rating yet. But I would like to read one of those mystery's Rock Mason...Sorry, I mean Stone Westmoreland writes.)

*goes to look at a friends blog who I spam with books to see if she skipped one*
CRAP! I'm forgetting a few of them. I just know it.

Anyway, this is 47, even though I know I'm missing some. At this rate, I'll be finish my goal by the end of May.

I'm signing off now.

Does original fictions count?? Not my own, but my friend is writing one (kinda forced her to). I read that. Actually, she wrote two I read, but since it's not published I won't add them into my list. So still 47 until I find the one's I'm missing. I bet my coworker has them.