Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Vol 49

I feel like this thing right now.
Limp. Drowsy. Drained.
I have a midterm due in 3 hours and I'm still in the process of typing it.
You might be wondering why I'm right here typing this instead.
Well every morning my house is like a battle field.
The opposing sides: My mother vs my kid sister.
So every morning between 6 and 7am I expect to awaken by a bunch of arguing and crying...from both ends.
I'm already a huge procrastinator...(started this at 12am, despite having the assignment since thursday), and easily distracted, so there is no way I focus right now.
Once they leave I should be able to fly through the essay no problem.
I hope.
I really don't give a shit.
And I still have Biology work that is due at 1pm that I haven't started.
And no, I have no gap between classes to get this mess done.
If I even make it to class, that will be a miracle.
I tried to go to sleep, around 2:30am, but ended up waking up at 5am.
So basically, I took a nap, got up, and searched the web for an hour until I found something to write this midterm on.
And what do you know, the subject I found was the very same subject I just gave a presentation on in a different class about....15 hours ago.
Lucky me right.
That should make it tons easier.