Friday, April 2, 2010

Vol 47


Just finished Mercy 5. Patricia Briggs really is a great writer, but now I think I know what the future books will be about. I think it was mentioned before that Mercy would dig into her heritage, see if her father had more children, exactly what kind of magic they had. After reading 5, I wondered what the future books would have been about.

First I must say, I miss Stephan. I was upset that he didn't make one single appearance. Not even the mystery machine made an appearance.

I was surprised that Mercy was still having the anxiety attacks but that was also a good thing. It meant that she didn't just overcome what Tim did to her. That chicken shit. She was still suffering, even just a little.

Mercy was really quick with the trigger in this book. First the bounty hunter thing, that felt so out of place and random, but it made since after it was explained. (Again with the scooby doo reference. Daphne?) Then she shot Henry, which I LOVEDDDD! I went back and reread that part twice. She stepped into the role of "Alpha's mate' with that little stunt. And then she killed the Dairy Queen, three shots to the chest. I expected a little chase or something. It was very melodramatic. I wonder how long Yo-yo girl was there?

Darrel and Auriel are the cutest couple. I loved when Auriel slammed Mary Jo into the wall. That was really unexpected, especially because at the end of the last book Auriel expressed her displeasure in having a Coyote, Mercy, in the pack. But now she rounded on Mary-jo for betraying Mercy. I guess that's better than Mary-Jo who resulted in being a back stabbing bitch. Yeah, yeah, she redeemed herself, but I would never trust her again.

Then there was Samuel. Samuel. Samuel. Samuel. Really? I knew something was up when he said "You be happy in life," or something along those lines. What I didn't expect was for him to try and drive off a bridge. Thanks to the officer for being there. And also thanks to Sam, his inner wolf. Sam took control. Sam didn't want to die. The wolf wanted to live, that big pony, but the Human felt unless.

That was until Ari came. Now that was a surprise. Very unexpected, but very welcomed. I could actually imagine her well, with her scars and all, and Samuel being attracted to that kind of person. I wonder if Ari will be able to give birth to Samuel's child. She's not werewolf, so she doesn't have to worry about shifting and losing a child, and she's not human, who miscarry a lot. She's fae. Maybe she has some fae magic to help her through pregnancy. After all, Phin is her grandson, which means that she CAN give birth.

I think I'll stop here now.

This is book 35 our of 52.
I actually started book 36 before I read book 35, but since I finished this one first, I'll call it 35.
36 is book 3 of the Crimson Moon series.