Thursday, April 1, 2010

Vol 46

I'm going to take this time out to tell you about some of my friends.
I say that I have two sets of friends.

First, I should say that after I graduated high school, 4 years ago, I sort have been this introvert, which is completely unlike how I was before.
You could never keep me in the house.
I wasn't a bad kid, but I was often grounded.
Those days being stuck in the house were the worst.
Although, my stepdad tends to believe that we had easy punishments.
Pst! Easy for him to say.

I wasn't really a fighter, but during middle school I ended up in fist fights with two of my friends.
We became friends again later.
One, I'm not in much contact with anymore.
After middle school we went to high school, made new friends, and drifted apart.

The other one I fought...she's a feisty bitch.
And I mean that with all due respect.
We argued about EVERYTHING!
We couldn't go a day without arguing.
We both tend to have this, "I'm always right, and you're always wrong" kind of attitude.
But even with our personality differences, she's a feisty bitch who will always have my back.
Even if she thinks I'm a bit strange.
She just became a mommy recently.
She's going through some baby daddy troubles, but she'll raise her daughter the proper way.
Or else I'll kick her ass.
I still haven't saw her baby, besides pictures.

Then there is my smart friend.
She was one of the friends I didn't ever argue with, but she was also one of the ones who instigated the fight between me and my feisty bitch friend.
She's about to graduate from college with a B.S in about 6 weeks.
I'm kind of jealous.
We started college at the same time, but I still have YEARS to go before I get my B.S because I changed my major a lot.
Anyway, I don't get to see my smart friend often.
We always make plans to do stuff but we never do.
But I'm proud my the little liberal-feminazi-black power-nerd.
She's like me: What you see is what you get, and if you don't like it, Fuck it.
We have the same view point on a lot of issues.
And even with issues that we disagree on, we can debate them well, without ever crossing that line between "debate" and just "argue".
She's going places in life, and I'm tagging on with her.

I have this phenomenal-cosmic-power friend.
She's not one of those would be psychics or anything like that, but she's very open minded.
Her thing is, "just because I don't see it, doesn't mean it's not there."
Aliens, ghost, witches, vampires. psychics, etc...she believes that it could all be out there.
I feel the need to stress that she's not weird or anything.
It's not like she worries about these things, but to her, it's just a thought.
She has a son and a fiance.
She's so young, younger than me, but she's so mature, the head of the house.
She's trying to make something of her life.
I like talking to her.
She makes me feel important, because after we finish talking, she tends to say that I inspire her to rearrange her life.
Who wouldn't like talking to a person like that.
We laugh all the time.

There are many more friends that I could talk about, but right now I'll switch to the other group of friends. I'll come back to this group later. The other one is much smaller.

She's like my honestly-modest-momma.
Her personality is extremely nice.
Way to nice if you ask me.
Sometimes I just wish she would snap on someone.
Oh how I would love to see that.
She comes from a hardworking family, at least I think she does.
She's extremely fortune and I want to say spoiled, but she doesn't act like that.
Honestly, she's too modest if you ask me.
But she's my momma and she's awesome.
We met in Tokyo and kicked it off immediately.
We're on opposite sides of the continent, but I often forget that.
That's just how awesome she is.
I only wish that she would use that hardworking personality of hers to give me a chance to meet my dad. *wink*
He's a singer.
A very very popular singer.
I never have to worry about my momma.
I'm use to taking care of my friends, but my momma takes care of me.
I don't really like that, but I appreciate it.
I'll treat her to a really really really fancy dinner when she wins her first case.

I have another friend, a would-be-artist.
That is NOT an insult.
It's a compliment.
She sings, draws, she's working on her photography, and she plays about 2-3 instruments...a little bit.
If only she could dance.
She likes to write occasionally, as well.
Which brings me to the topic of her not-so-successful blog.
I don't know what happened with that.
Only one post.
Just one.
Come on!
Even boring people like us can blog more than once every six months.
Look at my blog, it's all about books I'm reading to complete my resolution.
Anyway, that little skinny chick is actually quite strong.
I don't really remember how we met, but it was in Japan at school.
All I know is that after our arm wrestling match, I knew we would get along.
I say she's a would be artist, because right now she's still in school working on her degree, like me.
I'll acknowledge her title as an artist whenever she opens an exhibit, or her work, whatever it may be, is published.
I'll make sure she accomplishes something, or I'll go Yamanashi on her.
She's going to come to my wedding, with her half-bald Irish man.

Did I tell you I'm part turtle?
I have a turtle mama!
We were called "mother and child turtle" while standing in the office at our school in Japan.
Underneath all that black she wears, she's snarky.
You wouldn't expect it, but she really is.
She doesn't like to let people feel left out.
That's the only reason I can think of for her to hang out with "The Racist" and "The Jackass" as much as she did.
She's also a would-be-artist.
She takes really great photos.
And she wants to use me as a model for her portfolio.
I was never photogenic but I damn sure will become photogenic for that.
We're both insomniacs.
She's an hour behind me, but we both go to bed at ridiculous hours.
We like to talk about being black in Japan, or being what people would term "oreo".
Fuck those people.
We're not oreo's.
We're just educated.
She doesn't like Micheal Phelps, and I kicked her butt in arm wrestling for disrespecting my fellow Baltimore citizen.
I bet she'll keep her mouth closed about him around me from now.

These are the six friends I think about often.
The funny thing is, I don't see any of them often.
As you can probably figure, my Japan friends, while we all live in the U.S, we're from different states.
As for the other three, I see, "phenomenal-cosmic-power" often because we work together.
But, as for my two childhood friends, "feisty bitch" and "liberal-feminazi-black power-nerd", I need to make plans for the three of us to hang out together again. The last time I got together with the two of them was back in 2007.

And now that I think about it, I actually have three groups of friends.
I'll cover the third group someday, somewhere, by chance.