Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Vol 50

BOOK LIST UPDATE COMING SOON: Once I can remember all the book titles and authors.
Just know that I'm somewhere around 45.

Anyway, I'm in love with the Westmoreland brothers. Just their names are so freaking weird but seductive in a way. Dare, Thorn, Stone, Storm and Chase. WTF kind of names are these??? It's funny how Storm and Chase (twins) got their names.

Well, I've been avoiding Brenda Jackson novels for a while now. Read her story Irresistible Forces and was completed turned off by the plotless smut filled book. So I hesitated to read this novella, A little Dare, but so happy I did.

I LOVED Shelly and Dare's romance. Yeah they had a bad break up 10 years ago but their love was still true. Everyone jumped on Dare's back then for breaking up with Shelly, who they all thought he would end up marrying, but he had his reasons. Stupid reason, but he had a reason. And that very reason gave Shelly a reason to not tell Dare she was pregnant with his son. Now their son is 10, Shelly just moved back to College Park, Georgia, and Dare finds out that he has a son. A son who just so happens to hate him...bad start they had.

But no matter how bad people jump on Dare, I wanted someone to jump on Shelly. Dare's reason for breaking up all those years ago was really stupid and selfish, but there is no reason big enough to hide the fact that she was pregnant and allows her to just move away. No matter how big the heart break was, she was wrong for that. But their love was so cute and true. And you can tell even now that Dare was just as hurt as Shelly when he broke up with her. He probably hurt even more. But he thought he was doing the right thing. That is why guys shouldn't make decisions that THEY THINK is best for a girl.

My friend has the rest of the Westmoreland series: Thorn, Stone, Storm, Chase, their sister Dulaney, and about...5-6 cousins. She's going to give them to me on Saturday. Definitely want to read about Thorn and Tara.