Sunday, May 2, 2010

Vol 52

Now isn't this IRONIC!!!!

I'm excitedly typing this entry right now because, as of 10 minutes ago, I've successfully completed my New Years Resolution to read 52 books.
YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now the ironic part is that my goal was to read 52 books.
This just so happens to be Vol 52.
And to top it off, if you look at the month and date for today, it is 05-02 aka 52.
Ho Ho Hahaha!!!

Now I remember the titles of the other books I forgot.

Pleasure Seekers by Rochelle Alers. (I would have been happier with this book if Alana didn't get pregnant by her lame ass ex-boyfriend.)

Lessons from a Younger Lover by Zuri Day. (OH I ADOREDDDD Ransom. Just because because his name was Ransom. And i kinda have a thing for kougar stories. Gwen was 15 years older than Ransom. Ransom was a single dad. His baby mother was insane. His neighbor chick/friend was too desperate. And Adam, Ransom's older brother and Gwen's former classmate, was a has-been who got what he deserved. Ransom should have whipped his butt, again. Ransom's daughter was cute but since I don't like sassy little girls, she was only cute. She was no Justin from Choices, or Keenan, the cubs or Ben from the Psy-Changeling series. She wasn't even a Noor from the Psy-Changeling series. Not that his daughter was bad, but bah!!!)

Crossing the Line by Bernice Layton. (This was an Indigo Love Spectrum book, and if you've read my previous entries, especially the earlier ones from this year, you'd know that ILS is a interracial publisher. So this was Black girl, white guy. The reason I read this book was because the author is from my City **BALTIMORE!!!** and I hoped that the story would be entertaining. It was. I liked it. My coworker loved it, but she tends to love anything from ILS. She loved it so much, that she bought the book from me, now she owes me another book. HA! I always find these books unrealistic with their one week loves, but I liked how the two character felt so miserable while separated.)

I've mentioned Brenda Jackson's series The Westmoreland's in my previous two-three posts.
I'm still working on it.
So far I've managed to read:
1. Dulaney's Desert Sheikh (Jamal...*smh* no way you could think Dulaney would follow certain customs that belittled women. She is definitely a handful.)

2. Seduced By a Stranger (Who wasn't really a stranger since it was Johari's fiance. This story and Dulaney's story was interesting because it had a portrayal of how someone of Middle Eastern Culture is expected to act. Not that it was an accurate portrayal, but I liked talking to my middle eastern friends about it.)

3. The Chase is On. (Of course Chase would fall for Jessica...or in this case, Jessica would fall for Chase, when their families were once friends now Sworn enemies.)

4. Seduction, Westmoreland Style (Although it's called Seduction, Westmoreland Style, I think McKinnon Quinn had a larger role. The story was told through his eyes more. But now that I think about it, the story is always told by the person who is NOT Westmoreland. Shelly, Jessica, McKinnon. I think Dulaney and Durango's stories were told more through there view...or evenly)

5. The Durango Affair (They met in "The Chase is On" at Chase and Jessica's wedding. Apparently they got busssyyyy that night, and well into the morning. Two months later, Savannah, Jessica's sister, shows up at Durango Westmoreland's home in Montana to tell him that she is pregnant. She didn't want anything from him, but she felt that he should know and it would have been wrong to tell him via phone. But the two end up marrying for the baby's sake. A Marriage in name only...or so they thought! HA!)

If you can count, you can see that this makes 52.
Pleasure Seekers is the book that I FORGOT, in my previous post, so So pleasure seekers through Crossing the Line are books 45-47. (Which I mentioned in my last post).
Now the Westmoreland series makes it 52.

This is really a big accomplishment for me.
From 2005-2008, My book total was less than 5.
5 books in 3 years.
I started reading last summer and read a good number, more than 20 for sure.
So in a way my count is in the 70's if you think July 2009-July 2010.

G2G. Thorn Westmoreland is calling me!