Saturday, November 15, 2008

Vol 13


Yeah! That might be grammatically incorrect, but who cares at this time
It’s 8am and I just got back in the house about an hour ago.
You would think that I would be really tired and would go to bed as soon as I get in.
Still full of energy.
Sometimes it pays to be 20.
Especially when you’re 20 and in Japan.
20 in Japan is like being 21 in America.

On Friday we had midterms, so for the entire week I was half studying.
Therefore nothing interesting happened, so there was no need for me to update my blog.
Everyone was really stressed because of the midterm, but I had a feeling it would be like the regular test we take.
And guess what?
It was!
Except it was 3 hours long.
There for I know I will pass.

After midterm my normal group of Americans and Koreans went out for dinner for celebration.
We went back to TGIF!
This time I got the Chicken and Shrimp pasta, which good and for a decent price.
One of the USA Program advisors, Tanaka-san, even joined us.
It’s amazing how much people change after one drink.
Tanaka-san, who is normally so serious and composed, was rather silly in a way.
I got into a silly argument with Lena over Michael Phelps.
She doesn’t like him, and of course I had to defend my fellow Baltimorian.
The argument ended with us arm wrestling, and I still remain the female champ.
I arm wrestled Yong Sik as well, and that little skinny thing beat me.
It’s only natural that a guy who is boney, but all muscle, will beat me.
But it’s okay.
I accepted my defeat was a smile.
And then laughed when Justin beat Yong Sik/
But that is also natural for a big (not fat) guy to beat a boney dude.

After dinner, we sat outside for about 30 minutes, and laughed at Yong Sik’s obesession with Beyonce, Lil Kim, and his “Black” Japanese impression, which had Lena, Tone and I cracking up.
And also at Lester’s said explanation of why he wants to learn Japanese.
*So he can talk to Japanese women*
Most people wanted to go out to drink, so we went to Gaspanic.
But the Gaspanic that is in Shibuya, not the one in Roppongi/
About 4 of us only stayed until 10:30, and the rest left some time after that.

Last night I went out to meet my friends at Shibuya 109.
They wanted to go to a club, and since I never go out to the club with them, I decided to go this time.
We went to so club called “Pure”.
It cost about $15 for ladies if you got there before Midnight.
And for males, it was about $35.
But you could drink as much as you want, because there was unlimited drinks for free.
All of my alcoholic friends loved this place.
It made no big difference to me since I do not drink.
But this club made me feel like I was back in America.
And in this case, that’s a bad thing.
This club was about 40% white, 30% Asian, 10% Middle Eastern (they can count as asian as well, but they have their own branch at the moment), and 20% other.
And that “OTHER” can be broken down even further.
Therefore, I didn’t really like it at first, and some of us were thinking about only staying for 2 hours, and then go somewhere else.
But we stayed all night.
And if not for the people I was with, I would have had a really really boring time.

And there were so many weird moments.
For example, some random weird guy would be standing behind you and try to talk to you.
And I really mean WEIRD.
For moments like that I suddenly had a boyfriend or was gay.
It was actually really funny just grabbing one of my guy friends and saying “Oh I’m here with him”
Or grabbing one of my girl friends and saying “I’m gay” or “This is my girlfriend”
Stupid crazy weird people.
Now that I think about it…making up random excuses like that would classify me as weird in a way.
But hey! All girls do it.
So どもありがとう to Roxana, Chloe, Steve, GyuuNyuu, Jo, and any other person who suddenly became my partner.
Chloe got sick so Roxana and Tone took her to a hotel to sleep, and Tone and Roxana rejoined us.

We were at the club from 11:45pm to 5am.
Then we went to Mc Donalds afterwards for breakfast.
We stayed in there for about 2 hours, talking to some of the girls we met at the club who spoke English.
Now that I think about it…I finally realized why my stomach hurts so much.
I never eat McDonalds.

I have one month left.
The American’s have their overnight trip this coming weekend.
We will be going somewhere by Mt. Fuji!
Chloe and I were talking about coming back to this school in April, but I can’t afford it.
So sad right!
I guess I should end this now.

The picture above is from Friday night at GasPanic.


Anonymous said...

Gosh, that's a wild night out!
And lol at the excuses. XD XD XD

Cherry said...

I'm weird like that!
I don't like random drunk people talking to me.