Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Video Post 2

What's a Verb?
I hate verbs!!!!
And Japan has hundreds of verbs.
And you can change each of those verbs about 5-6 times.
I really hate verbs.
I also hate money.
Japan is too expensive.



Monday I went to Akasaka with Steve, Yongsik, and GyuuNyuu.
We went to the festival that was close to the temple.
Guys really have no scene of direction.
In order to get to Akasaka you either had to take the Ginza line or the Akasaka line.
To get to the Ginza line you just have to catch the Maronuchi line 3 stops, and walk across the platform to the Ginza line.
These guys took me the completely long and wrong way.
But since I was out numbered, and I'm in this MEN first country, my words fell upon deaf ears.
But the festival was fun.
The only thing that I'm puzzled about was how did GyuuNyuu get free food just because he was with me?
It's kind of backwards.
Even though GyunnNyuu is Korean, I'm the real foreigner.
You would think I would get the special treatment.
Yesterday I went out with one of my classmates. *for the first time ever*
She asked me last week if I didn't mind doing a language exchange with her friend.
Her friend is studying English, so I said I would since I would have someone to help me with my Japanese.
His name was Tomo.
This guy is funny.
We have the same birthday as well, but he's 9 years older than me.
I also met their other friend, Hippo.
Hippo speaks fluent English, and although I asked, I never got an answer as in why his name is Hippo.
But Tomo and Hippo said they will take my classmate, some of my friends, and I to the bowling alley next time.
I look forward to that.
I haven't went bowling for a long time.

Since I hate verbs and I'm too poor to even take the train to Roppongi with my friends, I decided to play on the computer.

I recorded this video a long time ago.
It's a video of me walking home from the train station.
It was orginally 12 minutes long, but I was cut down to 3 minutes.
No one wants to see me walk for 12 minutes.

And this video is a photoslide my friends.
The pictures are from a lot of different evenings but all happened between October 17th and Today.


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