Sunday, March 14, 2010

Vol 44

As for the picture below...this is a childrens book.
a lot of children who come to my job have this book. or one of the books.
i was just saying the other day that i knew they would turn this into a movie.
Lowandbehold, when i got home today, i saw a preview for it.
Just great, another crappy kids movie.

As far as my resolution goes....i'm getting pretty close.

I won't post little descriptions about them all, this time around, but maybe a brief sentence or two.

But here is a list...If I remember correctly:

Practice Makes Perfect - Julie James (Like it. The silent feud. hehehe)

Just the Sexist Man Alive - Julie James (What's the most popular actor to do when he's outwitted by the sexy lawyer helping him with a role?)

Bad Blood: Crimson Moon series - L.A Banks (Damn Werewolves and Vampires)

Bite the Bullet: Crimson Moon series - L.A Banks *sigh*

Black Jack - Lora Leigh (She's not that great. Good story, but not how I would have liked it.)

Man of Fame - Rochelle Alers (-le sigh-)

Man of Fantasy - Rochelle Alers (-le sigh-

Man of Fortune - Rochelle Alers (-le sigh-)

Stranger in My Arms -Rochelle Alers (I liked the whole family thing. Reminded me of my family before my grand dad died)

Love Lessons (Novella) - Rochelle Alers (Lots of Rachelle Alers.)

I'm sure there are more, but I can't remember right now.
Need to check my kindle.

On Spring Break right now.
Not much of a break.
I have to work damn near everyday.