Thursday, March 4, 2010

Vol 43

So I read this the other day.
Cameron was the Asst. U.S Attorney, fresh on the scene, assigned to the case of the State vs. Roberto Martino.
Five years prior to the start of this story, Jack Pallas, a FBI agent, went undercover in Martino's gang.
He was expose two years later, and was tortured for two days by Martino's men.
Jack managed to kill 8 out of the 10 guys before his back up arrived.
So Jack had way more than enough evidence to take down Martino and his gang.
But one day Cameron comes to his office, after months of working to get a case, and said that the state will not fail ANY charges against Martino or his men.
She told Jack that it was her decision, when really it was her boss, Silas, decision.
Jack said some not so nice things about her on camera, and resulted in a transfer to one of those boring states that start with an N.

Three years later, Cameron is getting her floors done and has to stay at an hotel for a night.
She goes all out and stays at this really nice hotel, but she wasn't able to get any sleep because of the bed-rocking from the next room.
But sex wasn't the only thing going on in that room that night.
A murder also took place.
Cameron is the only witness.

Jack just returned to Chicago that week and was called out in the middle of the night to be the lead man of the hotel murder.
Oh yeah, you know what that means....
Jack and Cameron reunite.
And more than sparks fly.
Some heated words were tossed the entire time.
Good thing Jack's partner Wilkens was there.
...I adore Wilkens. He is just the kind of guy any girl would love to be friends with.
...And Phelps and Kamin are too cool for school.

Anyway, Cameron was put under witness protection.
But when the two daytime officers who were suppose to protect her, failed to check her house properly, resulting in Collin, Cameron's best friend, being knocked out and Cameron held at gun point, Jack jumps in to save her.
And then he takes on her safety personally, moving into her place.

Jack and Cameron already had a terrible time trying to keep their attraction for each other under control, so when Jack found out that Cameron actually saved him from being fired three years ago, and had him transferred instead, and that it was Silas's idea not to file charges, all hopes of restraint vanished.

Jack and Cameron were cute together.
I love a good love/hate story, and this was definitely a love/hate story.
But still, Wilkens stole the show whenever he was around.
So when Wilken, Kamin, and Phelps got together...oh snap.
That scene, so short, but so great.

Definitely recommend this.