Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Vol 113

I always thought this was a very creepy painting.
Sadly, it is the best picture to describe my current mood.
Total freak out and screaming.
I won't say why.
Don't want to curse/jinx anything.

But, I suddenly thought of another reason for the scream.
Lena, you fecking turtle.
How dare you stay in LA a day/two after I leave.
It doesn't matter that I arrive a day before you.
So not fair~~!!!
I would change my plane ticket if I was willing to pay the $75 fee.
But I'm not.
That $75 can go on a ton of books.
Speaking of which, I need to update my total spending amount.
Should I add the price of the Kindle?
If so, my total this year on books is already pushing $400.